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Rafuma(羅布麻) is perennial herb native to China, warm parts of Europe and Asia.
It’s a plant species to the dogbane family and it’s said that it’s habitat is nearby “wondering lake” Lop Nor(羅布泊)that used to be in Tarim Basin, Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region* in China and was named after the lake.

Rafuma is about 1-2 meters high and is commonly found nearby waterside. In the months of June and July, it creates bell-shaped flowers which are commonly pale pink or pale purple in color. Its oval-shaped leaves which are 2-5cm in length, can be used as tea leaves. Rafuma was familiarized by people from old times and since then it has been widely used in people’s lives.

Although there is closely related plant to Rafuma called “Hakuma”, Tokiwa Phytochemicals, the manufacturers, established a secure situation for obtaining only carefully selected Rafuma. VENETRON® is a reliable product that use only Rafuma at any time.

VENETRON® is named after Rafuma’s botanical name “Apocynum venetum with the wish of delivering the power of Rafuma to the people as it is.

* The raw material used to manufacture our Rafuma extract, "VENETRON®", originates from areas other than the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

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From the ancient times, in the northern-western region of China, there has been the custom of tea drinking tea drinking that uses relatively young leaves of Rafuma. It is said that Rafuma tea is useful for people’s health, and also it has been told that “people who live in the Rafuma production regions live longer” in China. It is only recently that Rafuma became known as a herb for mental care and stemming, following the 2001 paper publication. Since then, various studies on Rafuma extract VENETRON® have been conducted and favorable results on safety and effects for healthy and vital lives obtained.

VENETRON® is a product that shows a new usage of Rafuma’s power as a mental herb.

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The leaves of Rafumas are rich in flavonoids and catechins. Some of these ingredients are said to be as good for health. Only Rafuma growing in the wild are used as the raw materials and no pesticides is used as there are no pest damage on the leaves. The harvested leaves are dried on site and sent to Japan. Then from the leaves, VENETRON® is manufactured in a domestic production factory under strict quality control.