Various product forms

VENETRON® comes in 2 forms, regular type and water-soluble type. Recommended dosage is only 50 mg/day !

Suitable for various product forms!!


<Product examples>

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Popular combinations with VENETRON®

VENETRON® goes well with various materials.There are many products that combinate with VENETRON® in markets.

<For sleep improvement and anti-stress>



●Melatonin      etc.

In particular, synergistic effect of VENETRON® and GABA was suggested (right figure), and co-ingestion of VENETRON® and GABA may be more potent for stress.

<For nootropic>

●Ginkgo biloba extract

●Vitamin B

●DHA・EPA      etc.

<For managing PMS>

●Black cohosh extract

●Chaste tree extract

●Pine bark extract      etc.

<For e-Sports (electronic sports)>


●Bilberry extract

●Black currant extract   etc.

Recognized under "Foods with Function Claims" in Japan

VENETRON® corresponds to “Foods with Function Claims (FFC)” in Japan.
Function claim:
This product contains Hyperoside and Isoquercitrin from leaves of Rafuma.
These two compounds from leaves of Rafuma are reported to improve the quality of sleep (the deepness of sleep, sleep satisfaction when getting up)

Foods with Functional Claims (FFC):

Under the food business operator’s own responsibility, Foods with Function Claims can be labeled with function claims based on scientific evidence.

Information on the evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of the product are submitted to the Secretary-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency before the product is marketed.

Many companies correspond to FFC in Japan. Among them, we have a 100% share of FFC which contain Rafuma extract.