Certification & Patent

Certification of VENETRON®

JIHFS health food raw materials GMP certified

Our company has received the certificate of GMP for Health Foods by *JIHFS in 2010. Since then we’ve been following its guidelines and expanding the manufacturing of health food ingredients, including FFC suitable products.
*JIHFS = Japanese Institute for Health Food Standards

HACCP certified

To maintain our good sanitary standards and to strictly follow the new HACCP sanitary guidelines effective since June 2020, we’ve obtained the HACCP Certificate based on the Codex Alimentarius in 2018.

HALAL Certificate, Kosher Certificate

We are working towards inclusiveness of different cultures and religions. Some of our ingredients have been HALAL certified and/or Kosher certified.

HALAL: “Halal” means “legal” or “permitted” in the context of Islamic law, and it signifies food consumable under the regulation of Islam.

Kosher: The word “Kosher” derives from “Kashrut,” the food regulation under Judaism.

Patents of VENETRON®

Japan patent

●Usage for sleep improvement    (JP 7099685)

●Usage for menstrual wellness (JP 7498993)