New Herbal Mood-Booster

What is VENETRON® (Rafuma extract)


Scientific name

Apocynum venetum L.

General name

Luobuma (in Chinese)
Rafuma (in Japanese)




A traditional folk medicine in China and used in form of tea.

A beverage with Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) in Japan for over 20 years.
※ Registered as a crude drug in Chinese pharmacopoeia


VENETRON® is ・・・

Extracted from the leaves of Apocynum venetum L.

An extract containing no less than 4% of Hyperoside & Isoquercitrin

An original material of TOKIWA
(Developed by TOKIWA PHYTOCHEMICAL CO., LTD in 1998 in Japan)

Being used as a dietary supplement material for 20+ years

One of the TOP 3 Best dietary supplement material in Japan (For sleep improvement)

Superiority of VENETRON®


VENETRON® is a material based on sufficient evidences, including 6 clinical trials and over 20 published papers.

Better alternative to St. John’s Wort (SJW)

✓ No drug-interaction (in vivo)

✓ No photosensitivity observed in clinical trials

✓ About 16.7 times higher anti-depression effect (in vivo)

✓ Lower dosage ( VENETRON® 50 mg/day vs. SJW 600 mg/day)


VENETRON® has acquired self-affirmed GRAS certification, and confirmed safety through animal and human trials.

Made in Japan & Non GMO

VENETRON® is manufactured at TOKIWA PHYTOCHEMICAL CO., LTD in Japan, and Non GMO material.

Feeling great effect

VENETRON® was given positive comment on its effects by consumers, which was almost 3 times than other materials.
Furthermore, showed highest ratio in “feeling great effects” among 100 materials of dietary supplement!